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There are many environmental benefits of installing
a sprinkler system. Not only does a sprinkler system
reduce the polluting effects from fire i.e. smoke;
but also reduces the volume of water required to
extinguish the fire - a sprinkler system uses
approximately 1/1000th of the water that the
Fire Brigade use in the event of a fire.

Our environmental policy ensures that we:

Limit the use of chrome plated sprinkler heads
Consider future modifications in our designs
Consider the use of grey water
Recycle our test water
Strive to reduce our carbon footprint
Actively source suppliers with ISO 14001
Monitor waste and recycle appropriately

Alpine Fire Engineers will always consider and seek
to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities.

Designers, Consultants & Installers of Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Hydrants, Hosereels, Fire Extinguishers
and Suppliers of General Fire Equipment.

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